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Who is Susan the Baker?

In real life, she’s actress Susan Savage. Over the years, you’ve probably seen her in any number of films, television shows and commercials. So how does a working actress, Tree People advocate, and frequent Huffington Post contributor become Susan the Baker? Well, it all began when she was asked to be one of the actors participating in a bake-sale benefit for the Obama presidential campaign.

The results changed her life. She was so astounded by how quickly her signature coconut/chocolate ‘Obama bars’ sold out, even when surrounded by competing displays from a number of well-known Los Angeles bakers, that she decided to keep going.

A natural when it comes to experimentation (she’s a Chemistry major), and a former student of culinary arts at the Lycee Paul Cezanne in Aix-en-Provence, Susan wasted no time expanding her line. She now offers five original-recipe products and has appeared at over 40 different Los Angeles benefits and events. And thinking ahead, she is testing retail distribution at several selected L.A.-area specialty shops.